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CON stands for concept and strategy

Without a clear and defined strategy and concept all activities cannot have the desired effect. Making the client’s objectives clear and transparent is for us the first step in understanding and realizing the desired benefit and with the use of our services.
Concept and strategy follow these goals taking into account specific resources, capabilities, timescales, constraints and risks.


ACT stands for realizing the CONcept (ACTion) through structured activities

Understanding everything from objectives, from concept to realization, often you need other skills (“skills”) on how to really do/acquire things. In our economy people often tend to be better at one of these elements. Conact is proud of this combination of both proofs on realized projects.


How do we do this?

Integrate a multidisciplinary team and know-how. Don’t worry about internal or external resources, only what fits best. Ask for a clear commitment from each party/partner


In the context of CONact  our Advisory will always be an Action plan including a guide- and timeline!
Our target and understanding is not only to give recommendations, but to be able and willing to realize the discussed projects.
CONact is NOT interested and ideal to optimize small Day-to-day business operations, but rather to build up from scratch new processes and optimize the whole  value chain.
This can be explained by the fact that CONact with its project experience in both directions: distressed, turnaround and innovation / startup
had to act to reach project goals …. and saw to many unreal(ed)  Advisory papers of third parties.

Real Estate

In the real estate sector CONact has implemented projects that consider the entire real estate life cycle. In this area, we use our Brand Orgaplan with which we carry out projects and activities of a purely real estate nature.

According to the client’s purpose, we have the task of organizing a fast exit (NPL), maximizing profit or building a stable income over time, practicing restructuring and development activities (upgrading / change of use / marketing …).

Npl (servicing, scouting, investment)
Asset Management / Property Management / Facility Management
– Active management of real estate assets
More information at

Software / It

The integration of systems is a sine qua non, even the business case can be managed or changed flexibly. Two examples: cash desk systems in a shopping center as a premise for offering a rent as a percentage of turnover or the information (documentation) of the caretaker – relating to the facility, property and asset-manager are two examples to understand that today and in the future one must integrate is systems and consider the internet of things as a necessary resource to run a business in the future.

CONact has with CashflowSync in the real estate sector created an integral platform including and respecting the different roles of the participants / multimedia information and an integrated DMS.

  1. Digitizing Devices and create cloud-Solutions:


Working in the Consulting, Innovation and Restructuring we realized that in the healthcare-industry is an extreme need on intelligent solutions.
In the Fitness and Healthcare Industry many steps are still paperwork and tools / devices are still managed manually. There is a big potential for integrating the different technologies and coordinating the professionals ( physiotherapist, fisio, doctors, nurses, Trainers, technician ) including their input and their outcoming.   is our area to realize cloud-solutions


Team CONact

Joerg possesses exceptional knowledge of the Distressed, Turnaround and NPL real estate sector workout and management of complex situations in unstructured environments. Other area are cloud-solutions / IT in the healthcare and real-estate industry.

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Jörg Kowollik

Managing Partner, CONact

Stefano has an experience of over 20 years in the management of special situations and a particular ability to negotiate in the NPL area.

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Stefano Lucidi

Managing Partner, CONact

Giovanni has been active in the fields of M&A, structured finance and corporate consulting for over 20 years. Experienced in many continents, he is able to attract international investors and lenders.

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Giovanni Battaglia

Partner M&A, CONact

Gustavo is a seasoned leader in successfully delivering high performance in restructuring and turnaround for the consumer electronics and retail industries. He excels in successfully implementing innovative cash flow management solutions and managing international change projects.

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Gustavo Bonfante

Managing Partner, CONact

Tom is our international business strategist who has helped businesses in North America and Europe to get efficient and optimize their operations processes. He has a unique way of analyzing businesses and providing innovative solutions. His key areas of expertise are construction and Tourism.


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Tom Managing Partner, CONact

Saverio is our digital expert for communication and marketing: website development, advertising campaign management, content strategies, and SEO. He also brings extensive experience in logistics and production management, both in corporate and tourism settings.

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Saverio Grippo

Managing Partner, CONact

Project Samples:

Example Active Exit Management with a Shopping Center in Italy


  • Shopping Center build in 2009
  • 28.000 sqm / 14.000 Gross Letting Area
  • 30 million investment
  • Distressed, Empty and Foreclosure

Our Task

  • Determine and Due Diligence of Asset
  • Establish upgrading and Exit Strategy
  • Improve local situation, eliminate & convert negative impact
  • Build up alternative scenarios
  • Organize a competition
  • Attract national & international investors
  • Build up leads / lead management



  • 22 apartments  haven‘t been finished
  • Builder didn`t finish building – techical and legal problems for building permission


  • Development & Sales for the unfinished appartements
  • Improvement of the existing structure, legalizing and Selling the remaining to a  new builder 

Capital & Returns

purchase price: €1.6  m
Capex: €0.32m
Turnover: €3.2  m
Return (cash multiple): 1.7x


Eggup – Italian company developped a unique  Solution for soft-skills and team performance



  • The team potential of all the teams involeved in your organization
  • The tendency of each member to play a particular role in the team.
  • The impact ofnew members when included in existing teams

This is made possible thanks to our proprietary matching algorithms designed to solve your problems.

Eggup gives you amazing insights about your teams by performing psychographic analysis of each individual based on the BIG 5 Theory.

As a result, by choosing Eggup your team starts from a higher- level forming that minimizes the risks in the storming and maximizes and anticipates team performance.

REMO (Real Estate Monitor) is the web-based software solution. It consists of two databases – one documentary, and one performance measurement part. It generates informative, authoritative and well-defined benchmarks for different asset classes.

As a pioneer and  market  leader in the field of  property benchmarking, REMO is thelargest REM/FM database in the German-speaking countries, withdatafrom 1994-2012 frommorethan 8.200 commercial properties over245 companies and with net floors pace of around 81 million sqm.

CONact is founding partner of the CREIS-cooperative and exclusive Partner in Italy.

Our aim is to map all requirements of the market in one database. This includes:

  • all asset classes from office to residential
  • the life cycle of a building from project development to demolition
  • all needs of the key players from architects to tenants

Long time ago we, at the saw the emerge of Short-Tern Rental (STR) market along with the guesthouses, agritourism and similar businesses and we pivoted to get experience, deep knowledge in order to service this market in the best way possible.

In the world of short-term rentals, is your secret to success. Designed specifically for owners, helping them to maximize profitability through tailored online presence, marketing strategies, pricing optimization, streamlined operations, actionable insights, and continuous support. Here's how we empower short-term rental owners to succeed.

Tailored Marketing Strategies: We enhance the online presence of short-term rentals, guesthouses, agritourism, and similar businesses. Our deep insights and expertise in digital marketing produce remarkable results, attracting the right guests and boosting bookings and occupancy rates.

Enhanced Pricing Optimization: We analyze data and market trends to determine optimal pricing, maximizing revenue while remaining competitive.

Streamlined Operations: We offer software tools that automate routine tasks, freeing up time for owners to focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Actionable Insights and Reporting: provides comprehensive data analytics, enabling owners to measure performance, make informed decisions, and improve strategies.

Continuous Support and Expert Guidance: offers dedicated customer service and industry expertise to assist owners to deal with day-to-day issues regarding their Airbnb,, Expedia, VRBO, Google maps location…etc.

To read more visit:

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00040 Ardea, Italy  

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