System integration ( IT - Analysis & strategy)

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System integration is a Must to manage and to syncronize everything around changing business case.
Two examples: a cash register of a shopping mall as a precondition to offer rent-fees aligned with the invoice made or the information & documentation of the caretaker as provider to the facility, property and asset-manager.
This examples show, that in present and future systems have to be integrated and that Internet of Things (IoT) are necessary to manage future business




Example: CashflowSync
CONact realized in the property business an integrated platform for all different roles of the members to get a focussed and multimedia-based DMS.

CONact evaluates the existing systems including the consequences,draws ideal systems and assumes the responsibility to realize this systems.
CONact integrates the clients team and lines out possible risks, areas of training and new procedures for the company compliance.




Project examples:
- Valutation and Strategy regarding IT-Systems for a German insurance company ( 3.500 employees / 300 offices )

- concept plus realization of a Software solution for a Workout-Department of a Bank

- new management process for IT-Investments ( roles and procedures )for a state owned german transport company

- New Management procedure for IT-Investments ( procedure & rules ) state owned german transport company
- concept and consulting for an multi-service company to build up an ERP-solution