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Since 2004 we added new services.
Concerning distressed and workout operation for Real-Estates we got a huge contract to close and clean out offices on 15 locations in Germany. Doing this, we realized that this is a very specific market.
The best services and the most attention is given to the expansion of new areas in business. Budgets, advisory, planning and controlling is realized with the maximum diligence you get.
Unfortunately, the story often changes, if you “only” ask for moving operations or even closing operations – not mattering if these are turnaround / distressed or normal strategically planned operations.


Facts to consider


Building up

Moving + Closing 

People are new hired & highly motivated

People have to change location or to leave (left already)

Budget for training

Nessun budget

Exact planning & advisory resources

Even management & local partners are not motivated

All infrastructure is new & often “state of the art"

Used / “old” infrastructure with nobody to take care of

All documents / business are not to much, but to build up

A lot of documents / IT / data of “old business” without motivated / local experts

Team takes care in the building up process

Maybe a tenant-contract to consider for legal matters














 Seeing these circumstances, we built up the adequate processes / procedures to help companies in all 3 steps. Consequently being the most complex, difficult, lack-of-budgeting and attention phases we have a lot of success especially in the closing situation.. Il nostro più grande successo è sostenere i nostri clienti in modo professionale !


Our key-factors:



Some of our Clients:                              


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