Real Estate Business



CONact has manage in the area of property / real estate industry many different projects inlcuding most of the lifecyple of properties.

In this business area we use a specific company of the group ORGAPLAN GmbH.
The taks are quite different always related to the project requirements and mostly with an impact of Troubleshooting and very active Asset-Management:

  • Setup and management of a Condominium
  • Finish building and Sales of a 150 Appartment complex ( Frankfurt area )
  • take over, modernisation and sales of a Multifamily Home complex ( 7300 sqm )
  • conversion of an industrial area in Germany
  • upgrading and sales of Shopping Malls in Italy
  • Sales of Assets in south africa
  • conversion of an office building
  • different roles as INTERIM-Manager(s)

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