Restructuring of a Startup


For some years a new innovative culture was created to build up, train and select new businesses - "startup-culture" .

CONact realizes the request to turnaround some startups, who didn`t make it but nevertheless can produce huge value.

The experience in

  • Restructuring, Turnaround and Distressed Situations and in
  • Creativity / Innovation and IT

gives CONact a specific ability for Startup in distressed situtaions.



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CONact only assist Startups, if

  • prior invested amount of 100.000 Euros
  • an existing business plan
  • shareholders or founders as part of the solution

CONact will rievalute and develop a decision paper:

  • Closing of the startup including liquidating / reutilization ( resources, patent, staff)
  • planned Break ( reposit the created, freeze costs )
  • Restructuring ( market, services, working procedures..staff)
  • Relaunch ( team, investors, procedures, services )

CONact uses Eggup ( team performance measurement ) to rievaluate, select the right team!