CONact supports and managed certain areas of Startup - especially financing, business development plus internationalisation!
Startup - our services and internationalisation
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we convert the situation in a fast and direct way. We integrate useful existing structures for using the positive experience and network!
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Ability to solve critical Corporate & Real Estate situations regarding organisational, structural, financial and legal Areas.
Distressed Situations & NPL
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Internationisiation & Business Development. CONact gained with its partners and project experience and a valid network regarding Going International and expand business in new areas
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to stay on the road
Interim Managment
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Turnkey solution for shutting down Offices, clear infrastructure and Closing in the EMEA - region
Closing & Logistic services
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IT / Software & Tools to stabilize processes of prime qualtity and keep everything flexible ....
IT-Integration & Business Intelligence
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Happy to find you at CONact Market Entry Management GmbH


  • CON stays for concept and strategy

Without a strategy and a clear defined concept all activities may be without the wished effect. Making transparent and clear the customer targets is for us the first step to understand and realize the wished benefit and use of our services. Concept and strategy follows these targets considering specific resources, capacities, timeframe, limitations and risks.

  • ACT stays for realizing by structured activities the CONcept  

Understanding the whole from Targets, Concept till Realisation, often you need other skills on getting things really done. In our economy often entities tend to be better in one or these elements.

CONact is proud on combining both proofing this on the projects realized.

  • How we do this?

Integrate multidisplinary teams and know how. Don`t care for internal or external resources, but first only, what fits best and ask for a clear commitment of each part / partner.



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CONact convoys the managers assisting in crucial situations. We evaluate your company / project situation, we provide and combine a team of experts - thanks to our network. This team will work efficient and result driven in you existing structure.

CONact services beyonds consulting and like the name CON act, we will produce action. Therefore we not only recommend a theoretical list of improvements, but continue to act for the realizing of the planned solution.

Our Win-Win approach often includes a Fee structure considering results of our activities.

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